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Universal Holder

Universal Holder

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Peg Clamp with 4 METAL Pins

Universal Work Holder also known as the Peg Clamp has four movable pins that accommodate large and small items during repair. Hand held work holder with 4 pins to hold item in position for Engraving, Carving, Setting and Repair.

The Clamp Work surface has multiple positioning segment with holes that the 4-Pins can be positioned to hold part.  The clamp opens by simply turning the knurled side screw head, with a maximum opening of 5/8" -15.82mm.  The clamp opening segment has two guide pins to provide support.

Note: This Peg Clamp has a metal tightening knurled knob, comes with a total of 8 pins. 

Peg Clamp is made of Aluminum and is fastened to a Wooden handle with threaded screw. The work holder can be removed from the handle to use in a vise. (As Pictured).


- Work Holder Head Diameter:    2" approx  /  61/64"  /  49.9mm +/-

- Work Holder Holes Depth:   33/128"  /  6.46mm

- Metal Pins:   8 pcs total

- Metal Pins Diameter:   0.118" / 3mm

- Metal Pins Length:   0.540" / 13.72mm (Additional Pins Included Total of 8 Pins)

- Overall Length:  5-1/2" - 140mm

- Weight:   7oz  /  210gr



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