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Rolling Mill 3" 76mm & 5 Metal Rollers Jewelers Tool

Rolling Mill 3" 76mm & 5 Metal Rollers Jewelers Tool

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Combination Rolling Mill

This is a new combination rolling mill with 5 rollers. This is a well made rolling mill used for rolling out silver, gold, etc. into wire or sheet. Rollers are fabricated from selected high carbon steel, hardness 80 - 82 Rockwell. Capable of producing metal foil as thin as .001". 4:1 Ratio Gearbox designed to transfer force from the handle to the rolls with minimal effort from the operator. This unit is very versatile.


  • Two flat rollers (top and bottom) for making flat sheet stock.
  • Grooved roller
  • Two Patterned Rollers with a different pattern on each half.
  • Rollers measure approximately 76mm (3") long. Roller diameter measures approximately 44mm (1.73").
  • It has a maximum opening of 0 - 4 mm.
  • These are shipped to us by boat so there may be small dents and paint chipping
  • Color may vary from picture

To reduce rust in storage, metal tools received may come in packing grease or oil. To remove packing grease we recommend using degreaser and a rag.


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