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12 Wax Carving Tools & Alcohol Lamp Jewelers Tool Kit

12 Wax Carving Tools & Alcohol Lamp Jewelers Tool Kit

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12 New Wax Carvers & Alcohol Lamp

12 Wax Carvers

  • This is a new set of 12 stainless steel wax carvers
  • Allows the user to actually carve the wax rather than scrape it away
  • Great to make designs, to smooth or to use with lathes for making designs
  • These are well made, are long lasting and have double ends
  • These come in a plastic pouch
  • Each measures approximately 6" (152.5 mm) long

Alcohol Lamp

  • This is a new alcohol lamp
  • Use as a flame polisher or to heat wax working tools
  • The glass lamp has faceted sides to allow the holder to be tipped and the flame to be angled
  • A screw adjustment controls the height of the 9/16" (14 mm) wick and flame
  • A safety cap prevents fuel evaporation and snuffs flame
  • For the best flame use with methyl alcohol
  • Holds 4 oz of fuel

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