Devcon 8.5 fl oz 5 Minute Epoxy 1500lb Adhesive Waterproof Glue

Price: $20.50

  • Great for use on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china, ceramics, household use, industrial, crafts or for any job that requires a high-strength, high-quality bond
  • This adhesive cures and joins materials together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener
  • This reaction results in a high strength bond that is resistant to most chemicals
  • Has a clear drying color
  • Has a 5 minute working time and a 15 minute handling time
  • Full bond strength in 1 hour
  • Psi strength is rated at 1,500 pounds per square inch
  • It resists water and is non-flammable
  • Working temperature range is -40° F to 200° F (-40° C to 93° C)
  • You receive one tube of Devcon High Strength 5 Minute Epoxy Resin 4.25 oz (125 ml) and one tube of Devcon High Strength 5 Minute Epoxy Hardener 4.25 oz (125 ml)
  • The box includes instructions

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