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Bead Bonanza Assorted loos Beads & Smooth Sterling Silver Ball Beads Kit

Price: $12.34

This 2 Piece Kit Includes Bead Bonanza Assorted loos Beads & Smooth Sterling Silver Ball Beads Kit

100 Sterling Silver Ball Beads Great for Beading, Craft Projects, Craft Enthusiasts & Making Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings

  • This is a new set of 100 smooth polished sterling silver ball beads

  • Great for beading, craft projects, craft enthusiasts and making necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry

  • These will add flair to any clothing item or jewelry

  • Each bead measures approximately 2 x 2 mm (1/16" x 1/16")

Ms. Kitty's 1/2 Pound Giant Bead Bonanza Beads MIx

I've Been Collecting Some Good Ones, just to Get Rid Of 'Em, there are so many!

  • When the human's away a cat will play. In order to get regular meals and a little peace and quiet I started collecting these beads and findings to sell. The human thinks they are in charge but I've got this situation under control. Lately I can't get around the household without stepping on these tiny hard round things. Theses BEADS are EVERYWHERE!
  • Now Ms. Kitty has the solution to my problem. Little do the humans know that I have quietly been gathering all of these glass and metal beads and finding for Ms. Kitty's Giant Bead Bonanza. These pieces are from all over the globe in many colors.
  • Each bagged assortment is 1/2 pound just for you.

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