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4 Diamond Coated Bead Reamer & Vise Beading Craft Jewelers Jewelry Repair Tools

Price: $9.99

New Bead Reamer Set And Bead Holder

4 Pc Bead Reamer Set

  • This is a new 4 piece diamond coated bead reamer set
  • These bits are great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, brick, plastics, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals or anything else that is hard
  • This master diamond coated bit set allows you to shape, grind and finish with precision
  • Recommended for jewelers, lapidary, hobby & craft, modeling, home repair, etc
  • High quality, long-wearing diamond-plated steel burs provide uniform cutting on wide a variety of materials
  • Use with water for lubricant
  • Longevity is assured as the diamond particles are electroplated onto the surface of the metal
  • The bead reamer with 4 diamond coated reamers, features four points and a plastics tube in which to store them
  • You'll find this bead reamer set to be more versatile, easier to use and trouble free
  • Easy release chuck friction fitted into the aluminum housing which releases instantly when the collet is unscrewed
  • Comfort grip handle for maximum comfort
  • Use as a hand drill with small twist drills
  • Hold wire, stock or tubing for filing
  • Accepts broken saw blades for wax filing
  • Use as a screwdriver with small screwdriver blades
  • Holds burs, files, reamers and more

Wood Bead Holder

  • This is a new wooden bead holder
  • A handy idea for bead stringers when using a bead reamer or motorized bead reamer
  • This wooden "hand vise" will not scratch delicate beads, but holds them securely while cleaning or reaming holes
  • Holds bead sizes 4.5,7.00, 8.00, 12.00, 12.00 mm
  • Overall length is approximately 6 3/4"

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