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Jewelers Tube Cutter Adjustable Saw Frame Blades Cutting Tools Jewelry Repair

Price: $55.99

New Saw Frame Blades and Tube Cutter

Tube Cutter

  • This is a new tube cutter
  • This is used to cut various soft metal tubing
  • It measures approximately 5 1/4" x 1 13/16" x 1 1/8"

Adjustable Saw Frame

  • This is a new adjustable saw frame
  • The comfortable handle and light weight design provides a luxurious grip with enhanced productivity
  • Lightweight & perfectly balanced
  • Hardwood handle reduces fatigue and provides a greater dexterity
  • Patented blade-lock design eases blade insertion and maintains perfect alignment
  • This eliminates wobble which reduces blade loss during use
  • This saw is used for cutting all metals, plastic and wood
  • It is also suitable for intricate carvings
  • It is used by Jewelry and hobby people
  • It is useful for wood and metal craftsman and also dentist
  • Measurements:
    • Exposed Blade Length: adjustable from 0" to 4.5"
    • Throat Depth: 2.75"
    • Handle: 3 1/4" long

12 New Size 5/0 Saw Blades

  • This is a new set of 12 Pike jeweler's saw blades
  • Made in Switzerland these are the finest jewelers saw blades available
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth
  • For cutting metals and other hard materials
  • Size 5/0
  • Our unique tempering process which ensures consistent flexibility and long blade life and gives our saw blades their exclusive golden straw color
  • This golden straw color is your guarantee of receiving the world's finest saw blade
  • Uniformly set teeth to reduce binding and breakage
  • Special alloy steel, making our blade last longer and stay sharper
  • Rounded back makes cutting curves easier
  • Blade length is approximately 5 1/4"

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