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10 Needle Files & Brass Filing Block Jewelers Art Craft Jewelry Repair Tools

Price: $12.93

10 New Needle Files and Brass Filing Block

Brass Filing Block

  • This is a new brass filing block
  • This heavy brass tool can be used to hold items and materials of different thickness for filing work
  • It measures approximately 2 1/8" in length and 1/2" in diameter

10 Pc Needle File Set

  • This is a new set of 10 needle files
  • These are for filing all kinds of materials including platinum, stainless steel, exotic plastics and other hard to find materials
  • Better performance on hard to file surfaces
  • Little or no clogging, a simple knock is enough to remove the chips
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and longer life than standard files
  • Each measures approximately 5 3/8"

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