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288 Sterling Silver Tube Crimp Beads Jewelry 2 x 2mm

Price: $20.50
500113 (288)

New 288 Crimping Crimp Bead Tube 3/16" Silver

  • You receive 288 sterling silver crimp tube beads.
  • 2.0 x 2.0 mm Cut Tube Crimp (Real Sterling Silver .925) This is Real Sterling Silver .925 US Made High Quality (not plated imitation)Sterling Silver 2 x 2 mm Crimp Tube This sterling silver crimp tube is our best selling crimp bead and an essential item in a jewelry designer's bead box. Featuring a simple shape and brilliant sterling silver luster, this crimp tube is small enough to blend into designs and large enough that it isn't too difficult to manipulate. For best results use a bead crimp tool to achieve a secure crimp that will hold your designs in place

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