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3 Ring Sizing Mandrels & 3 Ring Finger Sizers

Price: $12.82
35.255 (3) 599 (3)

6 New Ring Gauges- 3 Sizing Sticks & 3 Finger Gauges

3 New ring finger sizers from Grobet. These are great to give to customers or stock your store and save money. These are also easy to read the numbers off of. The ring finger sizers go from size 4-13 in half sizes.

3 Plastic economy ring sticks with two grooves. These are black plastic sticks that have large easy-to-read white markings which measure rings from size 1-15 by quarter sizes. This accurate and economical ring stick is great for use on glass showcases. These ring sticks ship with the handle detached. Just slide it onto the bottom and it will be good to go.

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