2 72 Slot Black Jewelry Travel Ring Inserts Display Pads

Price: $11.42
92-72EBK (2)

2 New Black Foam Ring Display Tray Inserts For Jewelry Showcases & Countertops

  • This is a new set of 2 black foam ring display tray insert pads that hold 72 rings each
  • The top of the foam pads are black felt
  • At shows these are great for showing your sample line display
  • These trays are fantastic for travel by keeping the rings organized
  • Easily remove the tray from the showcase to allow customers to view your jewelry from the countertop
  • Each measures approximately 14 1/4" x 7 3/4" x 1/2" (36.1 cm x 19.6 cm x 12 mm)
  • It is recommended that this be used with a display tray

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